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  • also hold. have to, be obliged to: P. and V. ἀναγκάζεσθαι (use pass. of compel). I have to: P. and V. δεῖ με, χρή με, ἀνάγκη ἐστί μοι. have a person punished:
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  • (with optative). Might have: see may have, under may. As might well have been, as is probable: P. and V. ὡς εἰκός. You might have, it was open to you: P
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  • never have seen a state governed by a tyrant: P. ὑμεῖς δὲ τάχα οὐδὲ τεθέασθε τυραννουμένην πόλιν (Plat., Legg. 711A). This reproach may perhaps have come
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  • πλεονέκτημα, τό. to the advantage of, in favour of: P. and V. πρός (gen.). have the advantage, v.: P. περιεῖναι, πλέον ἔχειν. get the advantage of, v.: P
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  • 1073). With what object would you have sent for them? P. τί καὶ βουλόμενοι μετεπέμπεσθʼ ἂν αὐτούς; (Dem. 233). Have the same object: P. and V. ταὐτὰ βούλεσθαι
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  • κοινωνία; (with double gen.). I have no connection with: P. and V. οὐδέν μοι μέτεστι (gen.), οὐδέν μοι προσήκει (gen.). Have connection with: P. and V. μετέχειν
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  • Ar. and V. γένειον, τό, ὑπήνη, ἡ (Aesch., Frag.). Have a beard, v.: Ar. and P. γενειᾶν. Begin to have a beard, v.: P. γενειάσκειν. v. trans. Beard the lion:
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  • P. and V. ἀκραιφνής. have strength, v.: P. and V. ἰσχύειν, ἐρρῶσθαι (perf. pass. of ῥωννύναι), V. σωκεῖν (Aesch., Eum. 36). have strength to: see be able
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  • ἰᾶσθαι, ἐξιᾶσθαι. For good and all: see for ever under ever. Resolve to have uttered for good and all the words you spoke concerning this woman: V. βούλου
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  • taste sweet: use P. and V. ἡδέως ἔχειν. Met., have a taste of, experience: P. and V. γεύεσθαι (gen.). To have had a taste of: P. and V. γεγεῦσθαι (gen.),
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  • v. trans. Have useof: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.). Have benefit of: P. and V. ἀπολαύειν (gen.) (Eur., H.F. 1224), καρποῦσθαι (acc.), ἐκκαρποῦσθαι (acc.),
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  • he contributed in some small measure to…: P. μέρος τι συνεβάλετο (gen.). have hard measure, v.: P. and V. κακῶς πάσχειν. measure for measure: P. ἴσα ἀντʼ
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  • φθόγγος, ὁ (Plat.), V. φθογγή, ἡ, βοή, ἡ. Have a voice in, met.: P. and V. μετέχειν (gen.); see share. Have a loud voice: P. μέγα φθέγγεσθαι. A fine voice
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  • P. and V. μνεία, ἡ. In reference to: P. and V. κατά (acc.), πρός (acc.). Have reference to, v.: P. and V. τείνειν (εἰς, acc.). Look up reference on Perseus
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  • mina: P. ἄγειν μνᾶν (Dem. 617). Have weight, influence: P. and V. ῥοπὴν ἔχειν, δύναμιν ἔχειν (Eur., Phoen. 440). When they have seen that all else has weighed
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  • (dat.), ἀντιτάσσεσθαι (dat.), V. συμβάλλειν μάχην (dat.), see also engage. Have an interview with: P. and V. συνέρχεσθαι (dat.), συγγίγνεσθαι (dat.); see
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  • beforehand: P. προαπέρχεσθαι. Depart with another: P. συναπιέναι (absol.). Have departed, be gone: P. and V. οἴχεσθαι, ἀποίχεσθαι, V. ἐξοίχεσθαι, Ar. and
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  • δίπτυχοι. The number two: P. δυάς, ἡ. Two together: P. σύνδυο. I think I have made more money than any two other sophists together that you like to name:
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  • παραινουσʼ οὐδὲν εἰς πλέον ποιῶ (Soph., O.R. 918). Have effect: P. προὔργου εἶναι, P. and V. ὠφελεῖν. Have no effect: P. οὐδὲν προὔργου εἶναι, P. and V. οὐκ
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  • τό, εὐδοξία, ἡ, Ar. and V. εὔκλεια, ἡ, κῦδος, τό, V. κληδών, ἡ; see fame. Have a good name, v.; P. and V. εὖ ἀκούειν, καλῶς ἀκούειν, V. εὖ κλύειν, καλῶς
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