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Μή, φίλα ψυχά, βίον ἀθάνατον σπεῦδε, τὰν δ' ἔμπρακτον ἄντλει μαχανάν -> Oh! my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible
Pindar, Pythian, 3.61f.
Full diacritics: βᾰλᾰνεῖον Medium diacritics: βαλανεῖον Low diacritics: βαλανείον Capitals: ΒΑΛΑΝΕΙΟΝ
Transliteration A: balaneîon Transliteration B: balaneion Transliteration C: valaneion Beta Code: balanei=on

English (LSJ)


   A bath, bathing-room, Ar.Nu.837,1054, etc.; β. δημόσιον BGU1130.9 (i B. C.): more freq. in pl., Ar.Nu.991, Eq.1401, etc.    2 bath taken, Aristo Stoic.1.88, Gal.11.46.—Prose word for poet. λουτρά.

German (Pape)

[Seite 428] τό, Bad, Badstube, Ar. Plut. 535 u. öfter; Plat. Rep. VI, 495 e u. Folgende; Sp. = Badewasser.