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τύμβος, ὦ νυμφεῖον, ὦ κατασκαφής οἴκησις αἰείφρουρος, οἷ πορεύομαι πρὸς τοὺς ἐμαυτῆς -> Tomb, bridal chamber, eternal prison in the caverned rock, whither I go to find mine own.
Sophocles, Antigone, 883
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Full diacritics: βλάστησις Medium diacritics: βλάστησις Low diacritics: βλάστησις Capitals: ΒΛΑΣΤΗΣΙΣ
Transliteration A: blástēsis Transliteration B: blastēsis Transliteration C: vlastisis Beta Code: bla/sthsis

English (LSJ)

εως, ἡ, A budding, sprouting, Arist.HA564b2, Thphr.HP3.5.4(pl.).

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German (Pape)

[Seite 448] ἡ, das Keimen, Wachsen, Theophr.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

βλάστησις: -εως, ἡ, τὸ βλαστάνειν, ἀναδίδειν, Ἀριστ. Ἱστ. Ζ. 6. 9, 2 Θεόφρ. Ἱ. Φ. 3. 5, 4, κ. ἀλλ.

Spanish (DGE)

-εως, ἡ
germinación, brote de plantas, frec. op. la maduración, Menest.4, οὐδὲ β. ἐν θέρει Hp.Hebd.4, β. καὶ οἱ καρποί Thphr.CP 2.11.7 (= Democr.A 162), en primavera, Arist.HA 564b2, cf. Thphr.HP 3.5.4.

Russian (Dvoretsky)

βλάστησις: εως ἡ произрастание, рост (δένδρων Arst.; καλάμου Plut.).