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Ἓν οἶδα, ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα –> I know only one thing, that I know nothing | all I know is that I know nothing.
Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers, Book 2 sec. 32.
Full diacritics: γῄτης Medium diacritics: γῄτης Low diacritics: γήτης Capitals: ΓΗΤΗΣ
Transliteration A: gḗitēs Transliteration B: gētēs Transliteration C: gitis Beta Code: gh/|ths

English (LSJ)

ὁ, contr. for γηΐτης (q. v.).

German (Pape)

[Seite 490] ὁ, = γηΐτης, w. m. s.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

γῄτης: ὁ, συνῃρ. ἀντὶ γηΐτης, ὃ ἴδε.

French (Bailly abrégé)

v. γηΐτης.

Spanish (DGE)

v. γηΐτης.

Greek Monotonic

γῄτης: ὁ, συνηρ. αντί γηΐτης.

Russian (Dvoretsky)

γῄτης: стяж. к γηΐτης.