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|Transliteration C=dekastegos
|Transliteration C=dekastegos
|Beta Code=deka/stegos
|Beta Code=deka/stegos
|Definition=ον, <span class="sense"><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="bld">A</span> <b class="b2">ten stories high</b>, πύργος <span class="bibl">Str.15.3.7</span>, <span class="bibl">Ath.Mech.11.8</span>.</span>
|Definition=ον, <span class="sense"><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="bld">A</span> [[ten stories high]], πύργος <span class="bibl">Str.15.3.7</span>, <span class="bibl">Ath.Mech.11.8</span>.</span>

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Full diacritics: δεκάστεγος Medium diacritics: δεκάστεγος Low diacritics: δεκάστεγος Capitals: ΔΕΚΑΣΤΕΓΟΣ
Transliteration A: dekástegos Transliteration B: dekastegos Transliteration C: dekastegos Beta Code: deka/stegos

English (LSJ)


   A ten stories high, πύργος Str.15.3.7, Ath.Mech.11.8.

German (Pape)

[Seite 542] πύργος, von zehn Stockwerken, Strab. XV p. 730.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

δεκάστεγος: -ον, δέκα πατώματα ὑψηλός, πύργος Στράβ. 730.

Spanish (DGE)

de diez pisos πύργος Str.15.3.7, Ps.Callisth.88.18, Ath.Mech.11.8.

Greek Monolingual

δεκάστεγος, -ον (Α)
αυτός που έχει δέκα στέγες ή δέκα ορόφους.