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Full diacritics: κλαυσίγελως Medium diacritics: κλαυσίγελως Low diacritics: κλαυσίγελως Capitals: ΚΛΑΥΣΙΓΕΛΩΣ
Transliteration A: klausígelōs Transliteration B: klausigelōs Transliteration C: klafsigelos Beta Code: klausi/gelws

English (LSJ)

[ῐ], ὁ, acc. -

   A γέλωτα Demetr.Eloc.28: -γέλωσι Plu.2.1097 f:—smiles mingled with tears, πάντας κ. εἶχε X.HG7.2.9; nickname of Phryne, Ath.13.591c.