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Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12
Full diacritics: κωδώνιον Medium diacritics: κωδώνιον Low diacritics: κωδώνιον Capitals: ΚΩΔΩΝΙΟΝ
Transliteration A: kōdṓnion Transliteration B: kōdōnion Transliteration C: kodonion Beta Code: kwdw/nion

English (LSJ)

τό, Dim. of κώδων, J.AJ3.7.4, Phlp.

   A in de An.356.20, prob. in BGU162.10 (ii/iii A.D.). cf. Hdn.Epim.71.

German (Pape)

[Seite 1541] τό, dim. zu κώδων, Ios.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

κωδώνιον: τό, ὑποκορ. τοῦ κώδων, Ἰωσήπ. Ἰουδ. Πόλ. 3. 7, 4, Ἡρῳδιαν. Ἐπιμερ. 71.



Greek Monolingual

κωδώνιον, τὸ (ΑM) κώδων
μικρό κουδούνι.