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Full diacritics: κόδαλα Medium diacritics: κόδαλα Low diacritics: κόδαλα Capitals: ΚΟΔΑΛΑ
Transliteration A: kódala Transliteration B: kodala Transliteration C: kodala Beta Code: ko/dala

English (LSJ)

ἰχθῦς, κεστρεύς, Hsch. κοδαλεύομαι,

   A = ἐνδομυχῶ, to be a stay-at-home, 'loafer', Id.

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Frisk Etymological English

Grammatical information: ?
Meaning: ἰχθῦς, κεστρεύς (read as plural?) H.
Other forms: κοδαλεύεσθαι ἔνδον διατρίβειν, κοδαλαύομαι ἐνδομυχῶ, κοδαλευομένη ἀρεσκευομένη, ἀπραγοῦσα H.
Origin: PG [a word of Pre-Greek origin]X [probably]
Etymology: Unknown; Pre-Greek?