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Full diacritics: πιττόω Medium diacritics: πιττόω Low diacritics: πιττόω Capitals: ΠΙΤΤΟΩ
Transliteration A: pittóō Transliteration B: pittoō Transliteration C: pittoo Beta Code: pitto/w

English (LSJ)

Attic for πισσόω.

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French (Bailly abrégé)

att. c. πισσόω.

Dutch (

πιττόω, Ion. πισσόω [πίττα] met teer bedekken. med.-pass. ontharen, harsen:. κίναιδόν τινα τῶν πεπιττωμένων τὰ σκέλη een van die homo’s met geharste benen Luc. 36.33.