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Ὁ δὲ μὴ δυνάμενος κοινωνεῖν ἢ μηδὲν δεόμενος δι' αὐτάρκειαν οὐθὲν μέρος πόλεως, ὥστε ἢ θηρίονθεός → Whoever is incapable of associating, or has no need to because of self-sufficiency, is no part of a state; so he is either a beast or a god
Aristotle, Politics
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Full diacritics: χανδόν Medium diacritics: χανδόν Low diacritics: χανδόν Capitals: ΧΑΝΔΟΝ
Transliteration A: chandón Transliteration B: chandon Transliteration C: chandon Beta Code: xando/n

English (LSJ)


   A with mouth wide open, greedily, eagerly, [οἶνον] χ. ἑλεῖν Od.21.294, cf. Call.Aet.1.1.11, Nic.Th.341, Opp.C.4.430 (cj.), etc.; in late Prose χ. ἐκπιεῖν, πιέσθαι, πίνειν, Gal.15.735, Luc.Merc. Cond.7, Jul.Mis.338c; σπᾶν D.C.71.10; metaph., χ. ἐνεπίμπλαντο εὐχῶν Luc.Alex.14; χ. ἐμπιπλάμενος τοῦ ὕπνου Philostr.Im.2.22.

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