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Full diacritics: Ἀχαΐα Medium diacritics: Ἀχαΐα Low diacritics: Αχαία Capitals: ΑΧΑΙΑ
Transliteration A: Achaḯa Transliteration B: Achaia Transliteration C: Achaia Beta Code: *)axai+/a

English (LSJ)

ἡ, Achaia in Peloponnese, Th., etc.; under the Romans, the prouince of Greece.

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French (Bailly abrégé)

contract. de Ἀχαιΐα;
ας (ἡ) :
l’Achaïe :
1 contrée du Péloponnèse sur le golfe de Corinthe;
2 partie de la Thessalie, appelée aussi Phthiotide;
3 la province romaine d’Achaïe, càd la Grèce sans la Macédoine.
Étymologie: Ἀχαιός.

English (Strong)

of uncertain derivation; Achaia (i.e. Greece), a country of Europe: Achaia.

English (Thayer)

(WH Ἀχαΐα (see Iota)), Ἀχαΐας, ἡ, Achaia;
1. in a restricted sense, the maritime region of northern Peloponnesus.
2. in a broader sense, from 146 B.C.> on (yet see Dict. of Geog. under the word), a Roman province embracing all Greece except Thessaly. So in the N. T.: B. D. under the word.)

Russian (Dvoretsky)

Ἀχᾱΐα: ион. Ἀχαιΐη и Ἀχαΐη (ᾰχ) ἡ Ахайя или Ахея
1) страна в сев. Пелопоннесе Thuc., Xen.;
2) = Φθιῶτις, область в Фессалии Her., Diod.;
3) римск. провинция, охватывавшая среднюю Грецию и Пелопоннес Plut.


原文音譯:'Acaa 阿哈衣阿
1) 亞該亞(8) 徒18:12; 徒18:27; 徒19:21; 林前16:15; 林後1:1; 林後11:10; 帖前1:7; 帖前1:8;
2) 亞該亞人(2) 羅15:26; 林後9:2