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Ἐς δὲ τὰ ἔσχατα νουσήματα αἱ ἔσχαται θεραπεῖαι ἐς ἀκριβείην, κράτισται -> For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.
Corpus Hippocraticum, Aphorisms 1.6.2
Full diacritics: ἰέ Medium diacritics: ἰέ Low diacritics: ιε Capitals: ΙΕ
Transliteration A: Transliteration B: ie Transliteration C: ie Beta Code: i)e/

English (LSJ)

shortd. form of ἰή, in Paeans, Aristonous 1.4, al., Isyll.37,al., cf. Ephor.31 (

   A b) J.

English (Slater)

ἰέ v. ἰή.