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Cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet → May he love tomorrow who has never loved before; And may he who has loved, love tomorrow as well
Pervigilium Veneris
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Full diacritics: ὅπη Medium diacritics: ὅπη Low diacritics: όπη Capitals: ΟΠΗ
Transliteration A: hópē Transliteration B: hopē Transliteration C: opi Beta Code: o(/ph

English (LSJ)

Ep. ὅππη, both in Hom., v. infr. (better written ὅπῃ A.D. Adv.209.27, Eust.174.1) ; Dor. ὅπᾳ Leg.Gort.2.35, etc. (ὅππᾳ Com.Adesp.p.126 D.), also ὅπη Leg.Gort.1.42, Berl.Sitzb.1927.158 (Cyrene), etc., and ὅπει IG12(3).248.11 (Anaphe), etc. ; Aeol. ὄππα ib. 12(2).645a47. Theoc.28.4 ; but ὄππᾳ prob. in Alc.Supp.1A.4 ; Ion. ὅκη (better ὅκῃ) Hdt. (v. infr.) :—Adv., relat. and indirect interrog.:    I of Place, by which or what way, in which or what direction or part: sts. nearly = ὅπου, where, Il.22.321, Od.9.457 ; εἰρωτᾶν ὅκῃ εἴη v. l. in Hdt.5.87; ὅππῃ τ' ἰθύσῃ, τῇ τ' εἴκουσι στίχες ἀνδρῶν to whatever point . ., at that point... Il.12.48 ; ὅκῃ ἰθύσειε στρατεύεσθαι Hdt.1.204, cf. 2.146 ; ἀμηχανῶ . . ὅπᾳ τράπωμαι A.Ag.1532 (lyr.); ἐμβαλοῦ μ' ὅπῃ θέλεις S.Ph.481 codd.    II of Manner, in what way, how, as, ὅπῃ νόος ἐστὶν ἑκάστου Il.20.25, cf. Od.1.347 : more freq. in Trag. and Att., as A.Pr.586,906 (both lyr.), Ag.67 (anap.), al., Th.1.129, Lys. 14.4, etc. : joined with ὅπως, ὅπῃ ἔχει καὶ ὅπως Pl.R.612a, cf. Lg. 899a, 899b, etc. ; ὅπῃ ἔτυχεν Arist.GA743a21 (v.l. ὅπου) ; ὅπῃ ἄν, with subj., ὅπῃ ἂν δοκῇ ἀμφοτέροις Foed. ap. Th.5.18 ; ὅπᾳ κα δικαιότατα Dor.Foed. ap. eund.5.79, cf. 8.56 ; ἔστιν ὅπῃ in a way, Pl.Prt.331d ; ἔσθ' ὅπῃ . . ; Id.R.486b ; οὐκ ἔστιν ὅπῃ Aeschin.3.209 (as v. l.).    III with other Particles, ὅπῃ δή Il.22.185, etc. ; ὅπῃ ποτέ in what possible direction or manner, Pl.Sph.231c, R.372e ; ὅπῃ δή ποτε Id.Ep.338a : c. gen., τοὺς ὅπῃ ποτὲ κατοικοῦντας Εὐρώπης Plu.Per.17 ; ὅπῃ οὖν or ὁπῃοῦν, in any direction or way whatever, Pl.Prt.353d, Lg.950a ; ὁπῃγοῦν Id.Tht.187d (fort. ὁπῃτιοῦν, cf. Ap.35b); ὅπῃπερ, ὅπῃπερ ἄν, S.OT1458 (as v. l.), Pl.Sph.251a, Ti.45c, etc.; cf. ὁπωστιοῦν.

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