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Cras amet qui numquam amavit quique amavit cras amet -> May he love tomorrow who has never loved before; And may he who has loved, love tomorrow as well
Pervigilium Veneris
Full diacritics: ὑοσᾰλᾰκωνία Medium diacritics: ὑοσαλακωνία Low diacritics: υοσαλακωνία Capitals: ΥΟΣΑΛΑΚΩΝΙΑ
Transliteration A: hyosalakōnía Transliteration B: hyosalakōnia Transliteration C: yosalakonia Beta Code: u(osalakwni/a

English (LSJ)

[ῠ], ἡ, (ὗς, σαλακωνία)

   A piggish ostentation, prob. cj. in Ath.15.691f (οὐς- codd.).

Greek Monolingual

ἡ, Α
πιθ. πολύ άσχημη συμπεριφορά.
[ΕΤΥΜΟΛ. Πιθ. < ὗς, ὑός + σαλακωνεία «αλαζονεία»].