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Full diacritics: ὑφαιρετέον Medium diacritics: ὑφαιρετέον Low diacritics: υφαιρετέον Capitals: ΥΦΑΙΡΕΤΕΟΝ
Transliteration A: hyphairetéon Transliteration B: hyphaireteon Transliteration C: yfaireteon Beta Code: u(fairete/on

English (LSJ)

   A one must take away, τροφῆς Plu.2.132c, cf. Ptol.Tetr.132, Sor.1.55, Ath.Med. ap.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

ὑφαιρετέον: τό, ῥηματ. ἐπίθετ., δεῖ ὑφαιρεῖν, Σουΐδ. ἐν λέξει ὑφελκτέον.