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Ὁ δ' ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ -> The unexamined life is not worth living
Plato, Apology of Socrates 38a
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Full diacritics: ἀχῠροπράκτωρ Medium diacritics: ἀχυροπράκτωρ Low diacritics: αχυροπράκτωρ Capitals: ΑΧΥΡΟΠΡΑΚΤΩΡ
Transliteration A: achyropráktōr Transliteration B: achyropraktōr Transliteration C: achyropraktor Beta Code: a)xuropra/ktwr

English (LSJ)

ορος, ὁ, A collector of chaff (or collector of the tax on chaff), Ostr.1012 (ii A. D.).

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Spanish (DGE)

-ορος, ὁ
recaudador del impuesto sobre el salvado, Ostr.1012 (II d.C.), 1015 (II/III d.C.), OMeyer 19.1 (II d.C.), OBodl.1677 (II d.C.), OWilbour 13 (II d.C.), Theb.Ostr.111.2 (III d.C.), OStras.454 (III d.C.).