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Ὄττω τις ἔραται -> Whatever one loves best | Whom you desire most
Favorinus Historicus
[Favorin.] ii CE Ed. C. Müller, FHG iii p. 577.
Favorinus Philosophus
[Favorin.] Apud Stobaeum.
Festus Grammaticus Latinus
[Fest.] ii CE Ed. W. M. Lindsay, Leipzig (T.) 1913.
Firmicus Maternus Astrologus
[Firm.] iv CE Ed. W. Kroll & F. Skutsch, Leipzig (T.) 1897, 1913.
Flaccus Epigrammaticus; v. Statyllius, Tullius
Fortunatianus Rhetor
[Fortunat.Rh.] iv CE (?) Ed. C. Halm, Rhetores Latini Minores, p. 79, Leipzig 1863.
Fronto, M. Cornelius Scriptor Latinus ii CE Ep. = Epistulae, ed. S. A. Naber, Leipzig 1867; ed. C. R. Hames, London & New York (Loeb) 1919-20.