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    Translator | LSJ V, v ; en abréviation, désigne vir, vivus, vixit, voto, vale, vales, verba, etc. ; V représente le nombre cinq. V, v, der einundzwanzigste
    6 KB (811 words) - 07:05, 28 February 2019
  • P. and V. ἐκεῖνος, Ar. and V. κεῖνος. at that place: P. and V. ἐκεῖ. from that place: P. and V. ἐκεῖθειν, V. κεῖθεν. to that place: P. and V. ἐκεῖσε, Ar
    1 KB (119 words) - 13:50, 14 October 2021
  • message): P. and V. παραφέρειν, παραγγέλλειν, παρεγγυᾶν (Xen.). go past: P. and V. παρέρχεσθαι, P. παραμείβεσθαι (Plat.), Ar. and V. περᾶν, V. παραστείχειν
    7 KB (765 words) - 07:49, 17 October 2021
  • ὁρᾶν, V. βλέπειν βραχύ (Euripides, Ion, 744). vague: P. and V. ἀσαφής, ἄδηλος, V. ἄσημος, ἄσκοπος, ἐπάργεμος. tarnished: Ar. and V. δυσπινής, V. πινώδης
    2 KB (129 words) - 13:25, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. ὁρᾶν (or mid. in V.), ἐφορᾶν, καθορᾶν (or mid. in V.), προσορᾶν (Plato), V. εἰσορᾶν (or mid.) (rare P.). behold: P. and V. σκοπεῖν, θεᾶσθαι,
    3 KB (236 words) - 13:45, 14 October 2021
  • things: P. and V. ἀγαθός, χρηστός, καλός, σπουδαῖος, Ar. and V. ἐσθλός, V. κεδνός. pious: P. and V. εὐσεβής, θεοσεβής, ὅσιος. serviceable: P. and V. σύμφορος
    4 KB (356 words) - 13:30, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. κάτω, V. ἔνερθε(ν), νέρθε(ν). from under: P. and V. κάτωθεν. be or lie under: P. and V. ὑπεῖναι. adjectivally, inferior to: P. and V. ἥσσων (gen
    3 KB (322 words) - 15:25, 10 December 2020
  • P. and V. ὄνομα, τό, V. κληδών, ἡ. reputation: P. and V. δόξα, ἡ, ὄνομα, τό, κλέος (rare P.), V. βάξις, ἡ, φάτις, ἡ. good name: P. and V. ἀξίωμα, τό, εὐδοξία
    3 KB (250 words) - 12:58, 30 May 2022
  • Ar. and V. τιθέναι; (rare P.), V. κτίζειν, τεύχειν. make oneself (show oneself): P. and V παρέχειν ἑαυτόν (with acc. of adj.). compel: P. and V. ἀναγκάζειν
    6 KB (511 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. καθίζειν. set up: P. and V. ἱστάναι, ἱδρύειν; see put, set. appoint: P. and V. καθιστάναι, προστάσσειν, τάσσειν. be placed: P. and V. κεῖσθαι
    3 KB (310 words) - 13:40, 14 October 2021
  • time: P. and V. μακρός. very long: P. and V. παμμήκης (Plato). V. ὑπερμήκης. Of time: also use P. and V. πολύς, Ar. and P. συχνός. lasting long: V. δαρός, μακραίων
    3 KB (281 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. τάξις, ἡ. sort, kind: P. and V. γένος, τό, εἶδος, τό. social division: P. ἔθνος, τό, P. and V. μερίς, ἡ. the wealthy classes: P. and V. οἱ πλούσιοι
    1 KB (110 words) - 13:32, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. μάλα, σφόδρα, Ar. and V. κάρτα (rare P.). much: P. and V. πολύ, Ar. and V. πολλά. exceedingly: P. ὑπερβαλλόντως, ἀμηχάνως, διαφερόντως, Ar. and
    1 KB (124 words) - 15:40, 10 December 2020
  • P. and V. λαμβάνω, λαμβάνειν, αἱρεῖν; see catch. take (a town): P. and V. αἱρεῖν. be taken: P. and V. ἁλίσκεσθαι. help in taking: P. and V. συνεξαιρεῖν
    10 KB (916 words) - 13:45, 14 October 2021
  • one's senses: use adj., P. and V. ἔμφρων, ἔννους, V. φρενήρης, ἀρτίφρων (also Plato but rare P.). be in one's senses, v.:P. and V. φρονεῖν, εὖ φρονεῖν, P. ἐντὸς
    2 KB (199 words) - 13:15, 14 October 2021
  • prime: P. and V. ὡραῖος, V. ἀκμαῖος, χλωρός, θαλερός, Ar. and V. νεαλής, Ar. ὡρικός. be young (in one's prime). v.: P. and V. ἡβᾶν, ἀκμάζειν. be young (generally):
    2 KB (208 words) - 13:50, 14 October 2021
  • 510B). equal: P. and V. ἴσος. nearly equal: P. παραπλήσιος. make like, v.; P. and V. ὁμοιοῦν, ἐξομοιοῦν, P. ἀφομοιοῦν. be like: P. and V. ἐοικέναι (dat.) (rare
    3 KB (298 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. προδιδόναι. turn aside: P. and V. ἀποτρέπειν, ἀποστρέφειν. turn from its course: P. παρατρέπειν, P. and V. ἐκτρέπειν, ὑπεκτρέπειν, V. παρεκτρέπειν
    10 KB (859 words) - 13:53, 14 October 2021
  • and V. ὑπέρ. overmuch: P. and V. ὑπέρπολυς. over and above, in addition to: P. and V. πρός (dat.), ἐπί (dat.). in addition: Ar. and V. προσέτι, V. καὶ
    3 KB (310 words) - 09:35, 10 December 2020
  • χρόνος, ὁ, V. ἡμέρα, ἡ. time of life: Ar. and P. ἡλικία, ἡ, V. αἰών, ὁ. occasion: P. and V. καιρός, ὁ. generation: P. and V. αἰών, ὁ, Ar. and P. ἡλικία, ἡ
    7 KB (688 words) - 13:45, 14 October 2021
  • and V. ἐπιφέρειν, ἐπάγειν. bring about: P. and V. πράσσειν, V. ἐκπράσσειν; see cause, contrive. bring away: P. and V. ἀπάγειν, bring back: P. and V. ἀνάγειν
    6 KB (633 words) - 18:44, 16 October 2021
  • (Thuc. but rare P.), V. πευθώ, ἡ. rumour: P. and V. φήμη, ἡ, λόγος, ὁ, V. βάξις, ἡ, κληδών, ἡ, κλέος, τό, Ar. and V. μῦθος, ὁ, φάτις, ἡ. word of command:
    4 KB (430 words) - 13:50, 14 October 2021
  • much: P. and V. τοσοῦτος, τοσόσδε, V. τόσος (rare P.). how much, interrog.: P. and V. πόσος; indirect; P. and V. ὅσος, ὁπόσος. too much: P. and V. περισσός;
    2 KB (201 words) - 09:25, 10 December 2020
  • interj.: Ar. and V. ἔρρε, V. ἔρροις, Ar. ἄπαγε. off, gone: Ar. and V. φροῦδος (also Antiphon but rare P.). be off, be gone, v.: P. and V. οἴχεσθαι, ἀπαλλαγῆναι
    3 KB (317 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • dearest: P. and V. τὰ φίλτατα. near sighted: see under short. P. and V. ἐγγύς, πλησίον, πέλας (rare P.), ὁμοῦ (rare P.), Ar. and V. ἆσσον, V. ἀγχοῦ (Sophocles
    3 KB (311 words) - 13:25, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. ἅμα, ὁμοῦ, V. ὁμαρτῆ. alike: P. and V. ἅμα, ὁμοῦ, ὁμοίως, V. ὁμῶς. ia common: P. and V. κοινῇ, εἰς κοινόν, V. κοινῶς, εἰς τὸ κοινόν (Euripides
    783 bytes (74 words) - 13:45, 14 October 2021
  • principle: P. and V. νοῦς, ὁ. thought, intelligence: P. and V. γνώμη, ἡ, Ar. and P. διάνοια, ἡ, Ar. and V. φρήν, ἡ, or pl. (rare P.). memory: P. and V. μνήμη, ἡ
    4 KB (516 words) - 08:04, 17 October 2021
  • P. and V. μικρός, σμικρός. few: P. and V. ὀλίγος, Ar. and V. παῦρος, βαιός. short: P. and V. βραχύς. slight: P. and V. λεπτός. little or nothing: P. μικρὰ
    2 KB (161 words) - 09:10, 10 December 2020
  • and V. δύναμις, ἡ. character: P. and V. ἦθος, τό, τρόπος, ὁ, or pl. cleverness: P. and V. σοφία, ἡ. φρόνησις, ἡ; see cleverness. quarters: P. and V. τόποι
    4 KB (420 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • ὀξέως, V. τάχος, σὺν τάχει, ἐκ ταχείας, θοῶς. as fast as possible: P. and V. ὡς τάχιστα, Ar. and V. ὡς τάχος, ὅσον τάχος. hold fast to, v.: V. ἄπριξ ἔχεσθαι
    2 KB (161 words) - 20:35, 9 December 2020
  • P. and V. πρῶτος. first in importance, use also V. πρεσβύτατος, πρέσβιστος. first-born: P. and V. πρεσβύτατος, V. πρέσβιστος. be first born, v.; P. and
    3 KB (252 words) - 13:20, 14 October 2021
  • (insultingly): P. and V. ἀποκαλεῖν. be called: P. and V. ἀκούειν, V. κλύειν. so-called: P. λεγόμενος, P. and V. καλούμενος, V. κεκλημένος. summon: P. and V. καλεῖν,
    4 KB (337 words) - 13:40, 14 October 2021
  • P. and V. πλαστός (Xen.), V. ποιητός. put out, cast out: P. and V. ἐκβάλλειν. stretch out: P. and V. ἐκτείνειν, προτείνειν. extinguish: P. and V. σβεννύναι
    8 KB (905 words) - 18:23, 16 October 2021
  • and V. ὅσος, ὁπόσος. abundant: P. and V. πολύς, ἄφθονος. long: P. and V. μακρός. broad: P. and V. εὐρύς. important: P. ἀξιόλογος. διάφορος, P. and V. μέγιστος
    2 KB (123 words) - 21:00, 9 December 2020
  • and V. ὕστερον, V. μεθύστερον. those who come after: P. and V. οἱ ἔπειτα, P. οἱ ἐπιγιγνόμενοι, V. οἱ μεθύστεροι; see descendants. of place: P. and V. ὕστερον
    2 KB (230 words) - 18:40, 9 December 2020
  • heavy: P. and V. κοῦφος, ἐλαφρός. easy to carry: V. εὐάγκαλος. small, slight: P. and V. λεπτός. active, nimble: P. and V. ἐλαφρός (Xen.), Ar. and V. κοῦφος,
    5 KB (493 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • and V. ἔργον, τό. toil, labour: P. and V. πόνος, ὁ, Ar. and V. μόχθος, ὁ, V. μοχθήματα, τά, ἆθλος, ὁ, κάματος, ὁ. thing made: P. and V. ἔργον, τό, V. ὄργανον
    5 KB (460 words) - 17:59, 9 November 2021
  • P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν, κομίζειν, V. βαστάζειν. bring: P. and V. ἄγειν, V. πορεύειν (rare P. in act.). carry by sea: Ar. and V. ναυστολεῖν, ναυσθλοῦν;
    3 KB (330 words) - 08:03, 17 October 2021
  • P. and V. ἔξω, ἐκτός, ἐκποδών, V. ἔκτοθεν. from without: P. and V. ἔξωθεν, V. θύραθεν, ἔκτοθεν. those without: P. and V. οἱ ἔξω, οἱ ἔξωθεν, V. οἱ θύραθεν
    2 KB (212 words) - 12:53, 29 May 2022
  • and V. ποτόν, τό. sea: P. and V. θάλασσα, ἡ; see sea. go by water: P. and V. πλεῖν, Ar. and V. ναυστολεῖν, ναυσθλοῦσθαι. convey by water: P. and V. πορθμεύειν
    2 KB (193 words) - 13:48, 14 October 2021
  • and V. ἱκανός (infin.); see competent. worthy to: P. and V. ἄξιος (infin.). think fit (to): P. and V. ἀξιοῦν; (infin.), δικαιοῦν (infin.), Ar. and V. τλῆναι;
    4 KB (336 words) - 13:35, 14 October 2021
  • of: P. and V. ἐναντίον (gen.), V. ἀντίον (gen.). into the presence of: P. and V. παρά (acc.), ὡς (acc.). appear before (a judge, etc.): P. and V. εἰσέρχεσθαι
    3 KB (297 words) - 18:55, 9 December 2020
  • and V. περί (acc.), V. ἀμφί (acc.) (rare P.). of time, also P. and V. κατά (acc.). about this very time: P. ὑπ' αὐτὸν τὸν χρόνον. near: P. and V. πρός
    2 KB (181 words) - 13:20, 14 October 2021
  • order, v.: V. στοιχηγορεῖν; (acc.). in order that: P. and V. ὅπως (subj. or opt.), ἵνα (subj. or opt.), ὡς (subj. or opt.). bring to order: P. and V. ῥυθμίζειν;
    4 KB (354 words) - 09:35, 10 December 2020
  • time: P. and V. τὸ παρόν; see adj. introduce: P. and V. προσάγειν, Ar. and V. παράγειν. afford: P. and V. παρέχω, παρέχειν. give: P. and V. διδόναι, νέμειν
    2 KB (199 words) - 10:50, 10 December 2020
  • breathing fire, adj.: V. πύρπνοος, πύρπνους. carry fire, v.: V. πυρφορεῖν. carrying fire, adj.: P. and V. πυρφόρος. untouched by fire: P. and V. ἄπυρος. set fire
    2 KB (191 words) - 15:50, 17 November 2021
  • people say: P. and V. λέγουσι. people would say: P. and V. λέξειεν ἄν τις. fill: P. and V. πληροῦν. settle with inhabitants: P. and V. κατοικίζειν, οἰκίζειν
    2 KB (189 words) - 16:39, 15 October 2021
  • and V. οἶκος, ὁ, P. οἰκία, ἡ, Ar. and V. δόμος, ὁ, δῶμα, τό. race: P. and V. γένος, τό. at house of: P. and V. παρά (dat.). keep house, v.: P. and V. οἰκουρεῖν
    2 KB (148 words) - 21:07, 9 December 2020
  • carry through, v.: see accomplish. fall through, fail: P. and V. κακῶς χωρεῖν, οὐ προχωρεῖν. go through: P. and V. διέρχεσθαι (acc.), Ar. and V. διαπερᾶν (acc
    2 KB (199 words) - 13:49, 14 October 2021
  • ἄξιος, δίκαιος, V. ἐπάξιος. be right, v.: P. and V. ὀρθῶς γιγνώσκειν. hit the mark: P. and V. τυγχάνειν. come right, v.: P. and V. ὀρθοῦσθαι, κατορθοῦσθαι
    4 KB (441 words) - 18:25, 16 October 2021

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