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  • τό. are you not satisfied of this that a name is the representation of a thing: P. πότερον τοῦτο οὐκ ἀρέσκει σε τὸ εἶναι τὸ ὄνομα δήλωμα τοῦ πράγματος (Plat
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  • or gen. of person or thing), Ar. and V. ἐξακούειν (gen. of person, acc. of thing), κλύειν (gen. of person, acc. or gen. of thing), αἰσθάνεσθαι (acc. or
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  • acc. or gen. of thing), ἐπακούειν (gen. of person, acc. or gen. of thing), Ar. and P. ἀκροᾶθαι (gen. of person, acc. or gen. of thing), κατακούειν (acc
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  • pron. P. and V. τι (enclitic). Any thing soever: Ar. and P. ὁτιοῦν. Look up anything on Perseus Dictionaries | Perseus KWIC | Perseus Corpora | Wiktionary
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  • εἶναι. Life: P. and V. βίος, ὁ. Soul, spirit: P. and V. ψυχή, ἡ. Living thing: P. and V. ζῷον, τό. Person: P. and V. ἄνθρωπος, ὁ or ἡ, Ar. and V. φώς,
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  • ἀπεργάζεσθαι; see also contrive. Cause to do a thing: P. and V. ποιεῖν (acc. and infin.). Cause a thing to be done: P. ἐπιμέλεσθαι ὅπως τι γενήσεται. Start
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  • v. trans. Ar. and P. ἀναγιγνώσκειν. Read one thing beside another: P. παραναγιγνώσκειν (τί τινι). Recite: P. and V. λέγειν. I am no prophet to read riddles
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  • P. and V. αὐτὸς ἀνήρ. The very same: P. and V. ὁ αὐτός, αὑτός. This very thing: P. and V. αὐτὸ τοῦτο, τοῦτʼ αὐτό. On the very day, adv.: P. and V. αὐθήμερον
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  • trans. Try in court: P. and V. κρίνειν (acc. of person or thing), δικάζειν (acc. of thing, dat. of person). Decide: P. and V. κρίνειν, διαιρεῖν, γιγνώσκειν
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  • ὁμομήτριος. If (the wall) were to be advanced further it made it the same thing for them whether they fought and won continually or never fought at all:
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  • ), ψέγειν, ἐπαιτιᾶσθαι, αἰτιᾶσθαι, P. ἐπιτιμᾶν, (dat. of person, acc. of thing, or sometimes dat., vid. Dem. 246, 1231), κακίζειν, διʼ αἰτίας ἔχειν, καταμέμφεσθαι
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  • of pers., gen. of thing), P. ζηλοτυπεῖν (acc. of pers.); see grudge. Not in had sense: P. and V. ζηλοῦν (acc. of pers., gen. of thing). Think happy: P.
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  • μέμφεσθαι (acc. or dat.), P. ἐπιτιμᾶν (dat. of person, acc. of thing; sometimes dat. of thing); see blame. Look up fault on Perseus Dictionaries | Perseus
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  • acc., gen., or dat. of thing), συγγνώμην ἔχειν (dat. of pers., gen. of thing), συγγνώμων εἶναι (dat. of pers., gen. of thing), V. σύγγνοιαν ἴσχειν (absol
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  • ἐξορᾶν, also an aor., ἐξαπιδεῖν (Soph., O.C. 1648). See in (a person or thing): Ar. and P. ἐνορᾶν (τί τινι or ἔν τινι). See off: P. and V. προπέμπειν.
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  • V. ναυπηγία, ἡ (Eur., Cycl. 460). The art of building: P. ἡ οἰκοδομική. Thing built: P. οἰκοδόμημα, τό, κατασκεύασμα, τά, P. and V. οἴκημα, τό; see house
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  • σκευλεύματα, τά, V. λάφυρα, τά. Person or thing preyed on: V. σκῦλον, τό, ἕλωρ, τό, ἕλκημα, τό, διαφθορά, ἡ, ἁρπαγή, ἡ. Thing to be devoured: Ar. and V. φορβή,
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  • δίκαιον, abstract beauty: P. αὐτὸ τὸ καλόν. The abstract conception (of a thing): P. ἰδέα, ἡ, εἶδος, τό; see concrete. Existing only in the mind: P. νοητός
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  • σφάλλειν, P. ἐκκρούειν. mock (a person or a thing): Ar. and V. ἐνυβρίζειν (acc. of person, dat. of thing, or absol.). Look up mock on Perseus Dictionaries
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  • Be in full flood, v.: P. and V. πολὺς ῥεῖν, P. μέγας ῥεῖν. Look full at a thing: P. κατάντικρυ θεᾶσθαί τι, as opposed to ἐκ πλαγίου, sideways (Plat.). v
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