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παράβαλε, πρβλ, πρβλ., πβ, πβ., πρβ., πρβ, κοίταξε συγκριτικά και σ' εκείνο το σημείο, ανάτρεξε, σύγκρινε


compare, compare to, compare with, confer, cf., cf


confer, cf., cf, conferatur


Bulgarian: сравни; Chinese: 參見, 参见; Czech: viz; Danish: jf.; Dutch: cf., vgl., verg.; Esperanto: kp.; Faroese: sbr., smbr.; Finnish: vrt.; French: cf.; German: vgl., cf., vergl.; Hebrew: השו׳‎; Hungarian: vö.; Icelandic: sbr.; Ido: kp.; Italian: cfr.; Japanese: 参照せよ, 比較せよ; Latvian: sal.; Lithuanian: plg.; Norwegian: jf.; Polish: por.; Portuguese: cf.; Romanian: cf.; Russian: ср.; Spanish: cf., cfr.; Swedish: jmf., jfr, jfr.