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Difference between revisions of "fame"

Ὠς χαρίεν ἔστʹ ἄνθρωπος, ὅταν ἄνθρωπος ᾗ -> What a fine thing a human is, when truly human!
Menander, fragment 761
(Woodhouse 3)
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<b class="b2">Rumour</b>: P. and V. [[φήμη]], ἡ, [[λόγος]], ὁ, V. βᾶξις, ἡ, [[κληδών]], ἡ, [[κλέος]], τό, Ar. and V. [[φάτις]], ἡ, [[μῦθος]], ὁ.
<b class="b2">Celebrity</b>: P. and V. [[δόξα]], ἡ, [[εὐδοξία]], ἡ, αξίωμα, τό, [[κλέος]], τό (rare P.), [[ὄνομα]], τό. Ar. and V. [[εὔκλεια]], ἡ, [[κῦδος]], τό, V. [[κληδών]], ἡ.
<b class="b2">Honour</b>: P. and V. [[τιμή]], ἡ; see [[honour]].

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Rumour: P. and V. φήμη, ἡ, λόγος, ὁ, V. βᾶξις, ἡ, κληδών, ἡ, κλέος, τό, Ar. and V. φάτις, ἡ, μῦθος, ὁ. Celebrity: P. and V. δόξα, ἡ, εὐδοξία, ἡ, αξίωμα, τό, κλέος, τό (rare P.), ὄνομα, τό. Ar. and V. εὔκλεια, ἡ, κῦδος, τό, V. κληδών, ἡ. Honour: P. and V. τιμή, ἡ; see honour.