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Sophocles, Antigone 523
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The Magister equitum, in English Master of the Horse or Master of the Cavalry, was a Roman magistrate appointed as lieutenant to a dictator. His nominal function was to serve as commander of the Roman cavalry in time of war, but just as a dictator could be nominated to respond to other crises, so the magister equitum could operate independently of the cavalry; like the dictator, the appointment of a magister equitum served both military and political purposes.


ar: قاضي الفرسان; az: suvarilər rəisi; bg: началник на конницата; ca: mestre de cavalleria; de: Magister equitum; en: magister equitum; es: magister equitum; eu: magister equitum; fi: magister equitum; fr: maître de cavalerie; gl: magister equitum; he: מגיסטר אקוויטום; hu: magister equitum; it: magister equitum; ja: マギステル・エクィトゥム; ka: მხედართა მეთაური; la: magister equitum; mk: магистер еквитум; nds: magister equitum; nl: magister equitum; no: magister equitum; pl: magister equitum; pt: mestre da cavalaria; ro: maestrul cailor; ru: magister equitum; sr: magister equitum; sv: magister equitum; tr: magister equitum; uk: начальник кінноти; zh: 騎士統領