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Solon the Athenian

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P. and V. πολύς, Ar. and P. συχνός. Frequent: P. and V. πυκνός. Abundant: P. and V. ἄφθονος; see abundant. Very many: P. παμπληθής, Ar. and P. πάμπολυς, P. and V. ὑπέρπολυς. Countless: P. and V. ἀναρίθμητος, V. ἀνάριθμος, ἀνήριθμος, μυρίος (also Plat. but rare P.). How many, interrog.: P. and V. πόσοι; indirect: P. and V. ὅποσοι. So many: P. and V. τοσοῦτοι, τοσοῖδε, V. τόσοι (rare P.). As many as: P. and V. ὅσοι. Equal in numbers to: P. ἰσοπληθής (dat.), ἰσάριθμος (dat.). In many ways: P. and V. πολλαχῆ, πολλαχοῦ. In many places: P. and V. πολλαχοῦ. From many places: P. πολλαχόθεν. To many places: P. πολλαχόσε. On many grounds (reasons): P. πολλαχόθεν. Many times: P. and V. πολλάκις, θαμά, P. συχνόν, Ar. and V. πολλά; see often. Twice as many: V. δὶς τόσοι, P. δὶς τοσοῦτοι. Many times as great: P. πολλαπλάσιος. Many times as great as: P. πολλαπλάσιος (gen.).