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P. and V. λοιμός, ὁ. νόσος, ἡ, νόσημα, τό. P. λοιμώδης, νόσος, ἡ. For account of a plague see Thuc. 2. 47-51. Plague of: see swarm. Met., bane: P. and V. κακόν, τό, V. δήλημα, τό, πῆμα, τό. As applied to a person: P. and V. λυμεών, ὁ, V. πῆμα, τό, ἄτη, ἡ, λῦμα, τό. Ar. and P. ὄλεθρος, ὁ. A plague on you: Ar. and V. φθείρου, ἔρρε, ἄπερρε. Ar. οἴμωζε, ἔρρʼ ἐς κόρακας, V. ὄλοιο, οὐκ εἰς φθόρον; οὐκ εἰς ὄλεθρον; v. trans. P. and V. ὄχλον παρέχειν (dat.). Ar. and P. ἐνοχλεῖν (acc. or dat.), πράγματα παρέχειν (dat.), V. ὀχλεῖν. Ar. and V. τείρειν; see also distress.

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