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English (Thayer)

(so all editions, perhaps better Ασσος; Chandler § 317, cf. § 319; Pape, Eigennamen under the word), Ἀσσου, ἡ, Assos, a maritime city in Asia Minor, on the Aegean Sea (Gulf of Adramyttium), and nine (according to Tab. Peuting. (edited by Fortin d'Urban, Paris 1845, p. 170) 20 to 25) miles (see Hackett on Acts as below) distant (to the south) from Troas, a city of Lesser Phrygia: Vulg.; cf. ἆσσον. See Pape rs of the Archaeol. Inst. of America, Classical Series i. (1882) especially, pp. 60ff).