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Γηράσκω δ᾽ αἰεὶ πολλὰ διδασκόμενος -> I grow old always learning many things
Solon the Athenian
Full diacritics: Τίβειος Medium diacritics: Τίβειος Low diacritics: Τίβειος Capitals: ΤΙΒΕΙΟΣ
Transliteration A: Tíbeios Transliteration B: Tibeios Transliteration C: Tiveios Beta Code: *ti/beios

English (LSJ)

[ῐ], name of a slave, IG22.1672.69, 2937.7, 2940.8, Men. 1075, Her.21, al., prob. cj. in Thphr.Char.9.3; later Τίβιος [-] AP14.123.11 (Metrod., Τίμιος cod.): originally a Paphlagonian name, Str.7.3.12, 12.3.25, who implies that it was not the name of a people; cf. however Τίβειον ὄρος (

   A v.l. τόπος) in Phrygia, St.Byz.; Τίβιοι καὶ Φρύγες Gal.10.4; Τιβία, = ὅλη ἡ Φρυγία, App.Prov.3.79.