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Μὴ φῦναι τὸν ἅπαντα νικᾷ λόγον -> Not to be born is, past all prizing, best.
Sophocles, Oedipus Coloneus l. 1225
Full diacritics: βωλόκρῑθον Medium diacritics: βωλόκριθον Low diacritics: βωλόκριθον Capitals: ΒΩΛΟΚΡΙΘΟΝ
Transliteration A: bōlókrithon Transliteration B: bōlokrithon Transliteration C: volokrithon Beta Code: bwlo/kriqon

English (LSJ)


   A barley-cake for fodder, PLond.ined.2360 (iii B. C.).

Spanish (DGE)

-ου, τό
cebada mezclada con tierra, PLond.1994.37, 43, 56, 67, 1995.42, 49, 62, PCair.Zen.292.437 (todos III a.C.).