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Τὸ νικᾶν αὐτὸν αὑτὸν πασῶν νικῶν πρώτη τε καὶ ἀρίστη -> The first and best victory is to conquer self.
Plato, Laws 626e
Full diacritics: γυγαί Medium diacritics: γυγαί Low diacritics: γυγαί Capitals: ΓΥΓΑΙ
Transliteration A: gygaí Transliteration B: gygai Transliteration C: gygai Beta Code: gugai/

English (LSJ)

πάπποι, Hsch. γυγαίη νύξ· ἡ σκοτεινή, Id.

Spanish (DGE)

πάμποι Hsch.


Grammatical information: ?
Meaning: πάπποι H. (cod. πάμποι).
Origin: LW [a loanword which is (probably) not of Pre-Greek origin]X [probably] [probably] Anat.
Etymology: If πάπποι is correct, an Anatolian word cognate with Hitt. ḫuḫḫaš grandfather, Hierogl.-Luw. ḫuḫa-, Lyc. χuga- mütterl. Großvater (?). Tischler HEW 260 - Brandenstein Sprachgesch. u. Wortbed. 65 connects the Lydian kings name Γύγης. Cf. Heubeck, Lydiaka 62f; but Neumann, Weiterleben 69ff. connected the bird γύγης. - The same word as Lat. avus, arm. hav Großvater, *h₂euh₂os.