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Full diacritics: δοξαστέον Medium diacritics: δοξαστέον Low diacritics: δοξαστέον Capitals: ΔΟΞΑΣΤΕΟΝ
Transliteration A: doxastéon Transliteration B: doxasteon Transliteration C: doksasteon Beta Code: docaste/on

English (LSJ)

   A one must opine, τὰ παραπλήσια Ph.1.4; ὡςEpicur.Ep.1p.23U.

Spanish (DGE)

hay que opinar τὰ παραπλήσια δὴ καὶ περὶ θεοῦ δ. Ph.1.4, cf. Anecd.Ludw.26.21
c. ὡς Epicur.Ep.[2] 68.