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Ὁ δ' ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ -> The unexamined life is not worth living
Plato, Apology of Socrates 38a
Full diacritics: δᾴδουχος Medium diacritics: δᾴδουχος Low diacritics: δάδουχος Capitals: ΔΑΔΟΥΧΟΣ
Transliteration A: dā́idouchos Transliteration B: dadouchos Transliteration C: dadouchos Beta Code: da/|douxos

English (LSJ)

ὁ, (ἔχω)

   A torch-bearer, App.BC2.17: but usu. of the holder of a hereditary office at the mysteries of the Eleusinian Demeter, X.HG6.3.3, Arist.Rh.1405a20, IG12.76.25, SIG2587.305; δ. Κόρης IG3.172.9.    2 metaph., δᾳδοῦχοι τῆς σοφίας Plu.2.10e.    3 of the Sun, Cleanth.Stoic.1.123.    II torch-stand, candelabrum, CIG4647 (Bostra): also in Lacon. form δᾳδῶχορ, Hsch.