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Ἐς δὲ τὰ ἔσχατα νουσήματα αἱ ἔσχαται θεραπεῖαι ἐς ἀκριβείην, κράτισται -> For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.
Corpus Hippocraticum, Aphorisms 1.6.2
Full diacritics: κάβασα Medium diacritics: κάβασα Low diacritics: κάβασα Capitals: ΚΑΒΑΣΑ
Transliteration A: kábasa Transliteration B: kabasa Transliteration C: kavasa Beta Code: ka/basa

English (LSJ)

and καβάσας, both perh. nom. sg., name of an unknown object in temple inventories, Inscr.Délos 298A111,300 B16, IG11 (2).287 B89 (Delos, iii B.C.). (Perh. fr. Κάβασα in Egypt.)