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Γελᾷ δ' ὁ μωρός, κἄν τι μὴ γέλοιον ᾖ -> The fool laughs even when there's nothing to laugh at
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Full diacritics: μᾰκᾰριστέον Medium diacritics: μακαριστέον Low diacritics: μακαριστέον Capitals: ΜΑΚΑΡΙΣΤΕΟΝ
Transliteration A: makaristéon Transliteration B: makaristeon Transliteration C: makaristeon Beta Code: makariste/on

English (LSJ)

A one must deem happy, Plb.23.12.5.

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Greek (Liddell-Scott)

μακαριστέον: ῥηματικ. ἐπίθ. τοῦ μακαρίζω, δεῖ μακαρίζειν, Πολυβ. Ἐκλογ. Βατ. 21. 4.