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κόσμος σκηνή, ὁ βίος πάροδος· ἦλθες, εἶδες, ἀπῆλθες -> The world is a stage, life is a performance, you came, you saw, you departed
Democritus, fr. 115 D-K
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Full diacritics: ξοῦθρος Medium diacritics: ξοῦθρος Low diacritics: ξούθρος Capitals: ΞΟΥΘΡΟΣ
Transliteration A: xoûthros Transliteration B: xouthros Transliteration C: ksoythros Beta Code: cou=qros

English (LSJ)

ὁ, A = στροῦθος, Cyran.92.

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