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Ἐὰν ᾖς φιλομαθής, ἔσει πολυμαθής -> If you are studious, you will become learned.
Isocrates, 1.18
Full diacritics: ἀβαίνω Medium diacritics: ἀβαίνω Low diacritics: αβαίνω Capitals: ΑΒΑΙΝΩ
Transliteration A: abaínō Transliteration B: abainō Transliteration C: avaino Beta Code: a)bai/nw

English (LSJ)

στένω, οἰμώζω, Cyr.

Spanish (DGE)

στένω, οἰμώζω Cyr.T.

• Etimología: Quizá c. β por Ϝ y rel. c. ἀαίνω (q.u.).