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ἄλλο τι

Μολὼν λαβέ -> Come and take them
Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica 225C12
Full diacritics: τι ἄλλο τι Medium diacritics: τι ἄλλο τι Low diacritics: τι&OUTPUT=kwic&ORTHMODE=ORG&CONJUNCT=PHRASE&DISTANCE=3&author=&title=&POLESPAN=5&THMPRTLIMIT=1&KWSS=1&KWSSPRLIM=500&trsortorder=author%2C+title&editor=&pubdate=&language=&shrtcite=&genre=&sortorder=author%2C+title&dgdivhead=&dgdivtype=&dgsubdivwho=&dgsubdivn=&dgsubdivtag=&dgsubdivtype= άλλο τι Capitals: τι ΑΛΛΟ ΤΙ
Transliteration A: τι&title=Special:Search&go=Go&fulltext=1 állo ti Transliteration B: τι allo ti Transliteration C: τι allo ti Beta Code: τι a)/lloti

English (LSJ)

   A anything else, in interrog. sentences, mostly foll. by ἤ, ἤ σοι ἄλλο τι φαίνεται . . ἢ λόγος; Pl.Phdr.258a, cf. Phd.64c:—hence freq. (esp. in Pl.) elliptical, implying an affirm. answer, ἄλλο τι ἢ πεινήσουσι; (i.e. ἄλλο τι πείσονται ἢ πεινήσουσι;) will they not be starved? Hdt.2.14, cf.1.109; ἄλλο τι ἢ ἠρέμα ἐπανασκεψόμεθα; shall we not calmly reconsider? (i.e. let us do so) Pl.Tht.154e, cf. Phd. 70c, Men.82d, Grg.481c, etc.; ἄλλο τι ἢ καταγελῴης ἄν; Id.Alc.1.116d:— with other words interposed, σκόπει εἰ ἄλλο τι λέγεις ἢ τόδε Id.Smp.200d, cf. Phd.106a, Sph.228a, etc.:—ἄλλοτιπλήν . . ; Id.Sph. 228a:—but often ἄλλο τι with or without οὖν stands alone, ἄλλο τι οὖν . . ἔλεγες; did not you say? Id.Grg.495c, cf. 470b, Phd.79b, Tht. 165e, R.337c, etc.    2 rarely without a question, ἀπόγνοια τοῦ ἄλλο τι ἢ κρατεῖν τῆς γῆς Th.3.85.