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Ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων -> A man's character is his fate
Heraclitus, fr. B 119 Diels
Full diacritics: ὄσχις Medium diacritics: ὄσχις Low diacritics: όσχις Capitals: ΟΣΧΙΣ
Transliteration A: óschis Transliteration B: oschis Transliteration C: oschis Beta Code: o)/sxis

English (LSJ)

ιος, ἡ, said to be

   A = ὄσχιον, Hp.Coac.528; but as the reference is to a male in Id.Epid.7.33 Littré's cj. ἰξύας (acc. pl.) should be accepted in both places, as also for ὄρχιας in ib.5.61.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

ὄσχις: -ιος-, ἡ, = ὄρχις, Ἱππ. 205Ε, 1155G, 1218B.