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Ὄττω τις ἔραται -> Whatever one loves best | Whom you desire most
Full diacritics: ὑμενόω Medium diacritics: ὑμενόω Low diacritics: υμενόω Capitals: ΥΜΕΝΟΩ
Transliteration A: hymenóō Transliteration B: hymenoō Transliteration C: ymenoo Beta Code: u(meno/w

English (LSJ)

   A cover with a film, Steph. in Hp.1.155 D.:—Pass., become skin or membrane, Hp.Nat.Puer.12, Gal.4.526.

German (Pape)

[Seite 1178] in Haut verwandeln, in eine Haut einschließen, Hippocr. u. Sp.