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Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

abrŏgātĭo: ōnis, f. abrogo,
I a formal repeal of a law, Cic. Att. 3, 23, 2.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

abrŏgātĭō, ōnis, f. (abrogare), suppression par une loi d’une autre loi, abrogation : Cic. Att. 3, 23, 2.

Latin > German (Georges)

abrogātio, ōnis, f. (abrogo), die Abschaffung, legis, Cic. ad Att. 3, 23, 2: legis Oppiae, Val. Max. 9, 1, 3.

Latin > English

abrogatio abrogationis N F :: repeal of a law; disregard, ignore, repudiate; cancel, rescind, revoke (honor)