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P. and V. σῖτος, ὁ, καρπός, ὁ, Ar. and V. στάχυς, ὁ.

Wheat: Ar. and P. πυρός, ὁ.

Wheat-meal: Ar. and P. ἄλευρα, τά.

Barley: P. and V. κριθή, ἡ.

Barley-meal: Ar. and P. ἄλφιτον, τό, or pl.

Of corn, wheaten, adj.: P. and V. πύρινος (Xen. and Eur., Frag.).

Import corn, v.: P. σιτηγεῖν.

Importation of corn, subs.: P. σιτηγία, ἡ.

Buying of corn: P. σιτωνία, ἡ.

Carrying of corn: P. σιτοπομπία, ἡ.