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Μή, φίλα ψυχά, βίον ἀθάνατον σπεῦδε, τὰν δ' ἔμπρακτον ἄντλει μαχανάν -> Oh! my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible
Pindar, Pythian, 3.61f.

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P. and V. ὥρα, ἡ. Fit time: P. and V. καιρός, ὁ, ὥρα, ἡ, ἀκμή, ἡ. At what hour? Ar. and P. πηνίκα; What hour is it? Ar. and P. πηνίκʼ ἐστί; At what hour: (indirect) P. and V. ὁπηνίκα. At this or that hour: P. and V. τηνικαῦτα, P. τηνικάδε, V. τηνίκα. Or she shall learn even at the eleventh hour that 'tis labour lost to honour the dead: V. ἢ γνώσεται γοῦν ἀλλὰ τηνικαῦθʼ ὅτι πόνος περισσός ἐστι τἀν ᾍδου σέβειν (Soph., Ant. 779).