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Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει -> Everything flows and nothing stands still

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The right moment: P. and V. καιρός, ὁ. Small space of time: Ar. ἀκαρὲς χρόνου. He expected that they would not keep still a moment: P. (ἤλπιζεν) οὐδένα χρόνον ἡσυχάσειν αὐτούς (Thuc. 2, 84). At the very moment: P. and V. αὐτίκα, Ar. and P. αὐτόθεν. In a moment: P. and V. αὐτίκα, Ar. and P. αὐτίκα δὴ μάλα. At once: P. and V. εὐθύς, εὐθέως; see immediately. For the moment: P. τὸ παραυτίκα. On the spur of the moment: P. and V. φαύλως, P. ἀπὸ βραχείας διανοίας (Thuc. 3. 36), ἐξ ἐπιδρομῆς, ἐξ ὑπογυίου. Met., importance: P. and V. ῥοπή, ἡ. Be of moment, v.: P. and V. διαφέρειν.