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Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

ob-sordesco: dŭi, 3,
I v. inch. n., to become dirty, be soiled (ante- and post-class.).
I Lit.: ne coma fumo obsordescat, Prud. Apoth. 214.—
II Trop., to wear out, decrease: obsorduit jam haec in me aerumna, i. e. is moderated, Caecil. ap. Non. 147, 7 (Com. Rel. v. 86 Rib.).

Latin > French (Gaffiot 2016)

obsordēscō, dŭī, ĕre, intr., se salir : Prud. Apoth. 146 || [fig.] décliner : Vulg. Is. 33, 9.

Latin > German (Georges)

ob-sordēsco, duī, ere, I) schmutzig werden, Prud. apoth. 146. – II) bildl., Libanus obsorduit, Vulg. Isai. 33, 9. – / Caecil. com. 86 R.2 jetzt obsurduit.