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Heraclitus, fr. B 119 Diels

Latin > English (Lewis & Short)

sup-pĕtĭae: (subp-), ārum, f. suppeto,
I that which comes to aid one, aid, assistance, succor (ante-class. and post-Aug.; used only in nom. and acc.; syn.: auxilium, subsidium): auxilia mihi et suppetiae sunt domi, Plaut. Ep. 5, 2, 12: non metuo meae quin uxori latae suppetiae sient, id. Am. 5, 1, 54; id. Ep. 5, 1, 52; id. Mil. 4, 2, 62; id. Rud. 3, 2, 10; 4, 4, 39; id. Men. 5, 7, 14; Suet. Vesp. 4: piscibus ad suppetias uti, App. Mag. p. 299, 33: suppetias ferre, Amm. 16, 4, 3; App. M. 6, p. 184, 39.—The acc. suppetias sometimes occurs with verbs of motion for ad suppetias (to go, come, send, etc.), to any one's assistance: nae tibi, suppetias tempore adveni modo, Plaut. Men 5, 7, 31: venire, Auct. B. Afr. 5: proficisci, id. ib. 25: ire, id. ib. 39: occurrere, id. ib. 66; 68: accurrere, App. M. 9, p. 234.

Latin > French (Gaffiot)

suppĕtĭæ,¹³ ārum, f. (suppeto), [seult au nom. et acc.] aide, secours, assistance : Pl. Epid. 677 ; Amph. 1106 ; alicui suppetias advenire Pl. Men. 1026, arriver au secours de qqn ; suppetias legionibus occurrere B. Afr. 39, courir au secours des légions.

Latin > German (Georges)

suppetiae, ārum, f. (suppeto), die Hilfe, der Beistand, nur im Nom. u. Acc. vorkommend, suppetiae, Plaut.: suppetias ferre, Plaut., Suet. u. Apul., od. affere, Plaut.: suppetias implorare, Arnob.: bes. suppetias oft statt ad suppetias, zu Hilfe, alci suppetias ire, Varro fr. u. Auct. b. Afr.: suppetias advenire, Plaut., od. venire, proficisci, occurrere, Auct. b. Afr.: milites suppetias mittere, Auct. b. Afr. Vgl. übh. Köhler De auct. b. Afr. et b. Hisp. latin. p. 35 sq.