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P. and V. σπονδαί, αἱ.

Agreement: P. and V. σύμβασις, ἡ, συνθῆκαι, αἱ, σύνθημα, τό. P. ὁμολογία, ἡ; see also oath.

For text of a treaty see Thuc. 5, 18.

Make a treaty, v.: P. and V. σπένδεσθαι, V. σπονδὰς τέμνειν, Ar. and P. σπονδὰς ποιεῖσθαι.

Make treaty with: P. and V. σπένδεσθαι (dat.).

Renew a treaty: P. ἐπισπένδεσθαι (Thuc. 5, 22).

In treaty, in league with, adj.: P. and V. ἔνσπονδος (gen. or dat.).

Under treaty, by terms of treaty: P. and V. ὑπόσπονδος (Eur., Phoen. 81).

Included in a treaty: P. ἔνσπονδος.

Excluded from treaty: P. ἔκσπονδος.

Contrary to treaty: P. παράσπονδος.

Act contrary to treaty, v.: P. παρασπονδεῖν.