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Ἐς δὲ τὰ ἔσχατα νουσήματα αἱ ἔσχαται θεραπεῖαι ἐς ἀκριβείην, κράτισται -> For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.
Corpus Hippocraticum, Aphorisms 1.6.2

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Air: P. and V. ἀήρ, ὁ (Plat.).

Sky: P. and V. οὐρανός, ὁ.

Season: P. and V. ὥρα, ἡ.

Clear weather: P. αἰθρία, ἡ (Xen.).

Rainy weather: use rain.

Fair weather: use calm.

Bad weather: use storm.

When the weather favoured our sailing: P. ἐπειδὴ... πλοῦς ἡμῖν ἐγένετο (Antiphon, 132).

Stress of weather: P. and V. ἄπλοια, ἡ.

Meet bad weather, v.: P. and V. χειμάζεσθαι.

Exposed to the weather, in the open air: P. and V. ὑπαίθριος, V. αἴθριος (Soph., Frag.), or use P. ἐν ὑπαίθρῳ.

v. trans.

Hold out against: P. and V. ἀντέχειν (dat.).

If you harken to me you will make your city weather the storm: V. κἂν μὲν πίθῃ μοι κυμάτων ἄτερ πόλιν σὴν ναυστολήσεις (Eur., Supp. 473).