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Full diacritics: κωλῡτέον Medium diacritics: κωλυτέον Low diacritics: κωλυτέον Capitals: ΚΩΛΥΤΕΟΝ
Transliteration A: kōlytéon Transliteration B: kōlyteon Transliteration C: kolyteon Beta Code: kwlute/on

English (LSJ)

A one must hinder, X.Hier.8.9, Gal.10.649, al. 2 κωλῡ-τέος, α, ον, to be hindered or stopped, Hp.Art.58, D.H.10.40.

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Greek (Liddell-Scott)

κωλῡτέον: ῥημ. ἐπίθ., δεῖ κωλύειν, Ξεν. Ἱέρων 8, 9. 2) κωλυτέος, α, ον, ὃν δεῖ κωλύειν, Ἱππ. π. Ἄρθρ. 825.

Greek Monotonic

κωλῡτέον: ρημ. επίθ. του κωλύω, αυτό που πρέπει να κρύψει, σε Ξεν.