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The Liddell, Scott, Jones Ancient Greek Lexicon (LSJ) is perhaps the best known Ancient Greek-English dictionary. Here you can find a wiki implementation.

The wikification of LSJ was no mean task but we hope that the extra features provided by the wiki set-up will enhance the user experience. Some of these features (like the indexes) were made possible through the use of Semantic Mediawiki extensions.

Different types of transliterations and word forms were used, so that everyone is happy: Ancient Greek scholars, speakers of Modern Greek, people who prefer transliterated Greek or Beta Code.

For example, you will get results on the search box no matter whether you type in polytonic Greek, monotonic Greek, Greek without any accents at all, or transliterated Greek. You can even add a search form on your web site or a quick search link on your browser.

  • 2017: Many more dictionaries have been added from Ancient Greek to English, French, Spanish and German; also, now you can search from Latin to English, French and German, thus turning into a Classics Hub.
  • 2018: Dictionaries have been added from Ancient Greek to Russian and Dutch.
  • 2019: Intensive work is being done in producing reverse versions (i.e. from each foreign language to Ancient Greek) of multiple ancient Greek dictionaries: LSJ (English), Bailly (French), Pape (German), and Dvoretski (Russian).
  • 10/2019: First batch with 70,000 Russian to Ancient Greek entries imported. Try a search with Cyrillic characters.