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Ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς -> Either with this or on this | Come back victorious or dead
Plutarch, Moralia 241
Full diacritics: βᾰλᾰνευτής Medium diacritics: βαλανευτής Low diacritics: βαλανευτής Capitals: ΒΑΛΑΝΕΥΤΗΣ
Transliteration A: balaneutḗs Transliteration B: balaneutēs Transliteration C: valaneftis Beta Code: balaneuth/s

English (LSJ)

οῦ, ὁ,

   A = βαλανεύς, PSI5.584 (iii B. C.), PTeb.401.24 (i A. D.), etc.: —fem. βᾰλᾰν-εύτρια, Poll 7.166, Lib.Decl.26.19.

German (Pape)

[Seite 428] ὁ, = vor., Chrysost.

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

βαλανευτής: -οῦ, ὁ, = βαλανεύς, Ἰω. Χρυσ.· θηλ. βᾰλᾰνεύτρια Πολυδ. 7. 166, Λιβάν. 4. 140.

Spanish (DGE)

-οῦ, ὁ
bañero, PTeb.798.20 (II a.C.), PRyl.206a.4 (III d.C.).

Greek Monolingual

βαλανευτής, ο (Α) βαλανεύω
ο βαλανεύς.