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[[File:light_mode.png|thumb|Light mode in Windows. Change the option to Dark from '''Settings > Personalization > Colors''']]==Windows 10==
To turn on dark mode on '''Windows 10''' go to '''Settings''' > '''Personalization''' > '''Colors'''. Scroll down and select the “Dark” option under the '''Choose your color''' section.
[[File:dark-mode-mac-min.jpg|thumb|Dark mode on a Mac: '''Apple menu''' > '''System Preferences''' > '''General''' > '''Dark''']]
To turn on dark mode on a Mac (available in macOS '''Mojave''' or later) choose '''Apple menu''' > '''System Preferences''', click '''General''', then select '''Dark'''. When you use Dark Mode, Safari automatically shows a website in Dark Mode if the website has been designed to support it. If the website doesn't support Dark Mode, you can use Safari Reader to read articles in Dark Mode.
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