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*'''Medium diacritics''': This is the standard used in Ancient Greek polytonic writing with full accents and breathings, excluding macron and vrachy.
*'''Low diacritics''': In this format only the acute accent is used and it is the way a word would be written in monotonic Greek (Modern Greek).
*'''Capitals''':Capitalized Greek letters without any diacritics whatsoever. This is the form used in Ancient Greek times and it is also almost identical to Modern Greek capitalization rules.
*'''Transliteration A''': This is a detailed form of transliteration, taking into account accents and breathings.
*'''Transliteration B''': This is a less detailed form of transliteration, without taking into account accents or breathings.
*'''Transliteration C''': This is a form typically used in [ Greeklish].
*'''Beta Code''': This is a format used by scholars so that they can type easily polytonic Greek on a Latin keyboard. More about [ Beta Code] and a [ Beta Code to Unicode converter and type tool].